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Install aux input with stock 6-disc changer


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December 29, 2007
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dallas, tx
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02 XLT
I have an 02 explorer and I want to connect my mp3 player to my stereo, but there is no aux input on the stock in-dash 6 disc changer. I would like to know if anyone has installed an additional aux input with this system, or if anyone can give some helpful information or advice.thanks.

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Hi there... and welcome...

Here's a link that will show a couple of adapters for devices. I don't know what exactly you're are attaching, but I have an iPod. The factory stereo is out... I use an aftermarket with connections built in.

Are you going to stick with the factory stereo?

yeah, I want to stick with the factory stereo, and I don't want to use an fm transmitter. I have a new zune, that's also why i need an auxillary output.


There are also adapters on ebay... physical adapters. Click on the search bar above, and enter factory h/u You'll get an idea of the basic experiences people have had with factory stereos. Click on this link also... post a picture or something if you decide to hook it up... but stick around because there a lot of people who are doing audio upgrades too and I'm sure they'll chime in... suerte!

FM transmitter was all I could come up with. I dont want to give up my stock HU either. I broke down and bought a 50pack of blank CD's and made a day out of mp3 burning.
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There's a post here where some of them were listed.... hold on a sec.

here we go...

This is on ebay... but part of the problem is that the cd is on its last legs. To continue to purchase cds and using the factory stereo (3rd gen and earlier) in the long run will cost money, time and effort. But it is a choice...

I gave up on cds, burning, ripping, etc... and just did the aftermarket with the iPod adapter - a Staples employee was showing me a pretty pricey adapter and just basically pointed out that for the price of an adapter, cds, etc... an aftermarket will save you money...

What I did was download the diagram for the changer from this forum, then I cut the audio wires (4 of them, 2 +, 2-) and put rca plugs into them, on the stereo side female rcas, on the changer side male rcas, then I can just unplug the changer and plug in whatever source I need (mp3 player, sat radio, etc) just hit the cd button and that's it!
Ooops didn't read the "in dash" part, sorry:confused: