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How to: Install F150 Tow Hooks

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February 23, 2010
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i came across a post about tow hooks thought i'd add my 2 cents.
these were off my 98' f-150 4x4.

here you can see the factory bolt plate from the f-150, inside the frame horn of the ex.

the tow hooks bolted right up through the factory holes in the frame.

1. soak the 6 bumper cover bolts the day before, with liquid wrench.
2. unplug fog lights, if equipped, remove the, 2 per side, plastic, front only inner wheel well splash shields.
3. remove the 6 bumper cover bolts, 2 underneath the middle, 2 @ the front lower corner of fender

4. gently push down the bumper cover with a screw driver @ each top mounting tab, and pull cover front and off.
5. turn bumper cover upside down and remove the 2 cover plates where the tow hooks will come through.
6. slide the bolting plates down inside the frame horn, from the front, pictured above. start the 2 back bolts slightly, then slide the tow hooks up and front. install the 2 front bolts and tighten.
7. re-install bumper cover, splash shields, and plug fog lights back in.
all in all its pretty easy, if you take your time.
suggestion.... if you plan on putting a body lift on, spray the heck out of the 2 front bolts while you have the bumper cover off, i did. oh and keep the cover plates that you took off. if you do add a body lift you might want to re-install.

hope this was helpful. :D