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Install Fog Lights into XLS Bumper

Corbin Feauto

April 7, 2018
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College Station, TX
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2004 Ford Explorer XLS
I have a 2004 Ford Explorer XLS and was wondering if someone has installed fog lights onto one before without changing the bumper.


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Looks great!

Keep an eye on your coolant temp, that front license plate is blocking off one-third of the opening that lets air in though the radiator.

Thank you! I’m not planning to keep my license plate there, but thanks for the warning! I’m waiting for my light bar mounting brackets in the mail, then it’ll go back down to under the light bar.

How did you mount the lights? Was there anything behind those punch outs? I have an 04 xls too and I need more light.

Right now I just have 4 holes on each side that I drilled and zip tied it until i get around to buying some screws and nuts to make it look more professional. Nothing behind the punch outs. I love my lights and switches so far, you can see how I did my switches too on a different thread, it’s pretty unique too.

Nice! I have the same lights in a box in my garage as well as another style that are not flush mount. One set will go in my front bumper and the other set will go somewhere in the back either up high or in the rear bumper.

Awesome post some pictures after your finish each and let me know what you try out!