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Installed hitch: firmer ride?


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May 5, 2000
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Westmont, Illinois
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'93 Ranger
Just installed a hidden hitch, and is it just me or is the truck driving/riding firmer and smoother? Has anybody else noticed this or am I just seeing what isn't there? I swear it seems to be quieter, no heavy occilating sound on bumps, smoother and firmer on bumps and turns. I wonder if the hitch is reducing the twist of the body, and if it is doing so, how bad must it have been before? Anybody else notice this? Granted just adding a heavy hitch to the furthest back point may be contributing to this but it seems much better. Thoughts anyone?

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The hitch will add a little weight to the back end, but I doubt it's enough to make a difference. I didn't see a difference on mine. .02.

If you feel anything it is likely because you added a new structural member to the back of your frame, a new cross member which will help recduce frame flexing.....but I seriously doubt it is noticable, the weight of the hitch should not really effect you unless your shocks and leaf springs are completely wasted.

This reminds me of the time we put a new adjustable drop hitch on the Super Duty and the boss wanted me to take it out on the freeway and see how it pulled. :confused:

Thanks for the replies, everyone. It definitely seems like it's cut out enough body wiggle and twist to be noticable. Probably because of the long long wheelbase these things have, who knows.

What about traction bars on these things? Do spring-unders have any need for them? I remember what a difference they made on the spring-wrap on my manual trans short-bed ranger with 4.10s, but don't know if typically the spirng-unders had problems like this.

As I recall, V8 Explorers had short traction bars. They would probably fit.