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Installed Homemade Shackles + Pics


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January 7, 2009
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Well the other day it was nice out so i decided why not tear it all apart and put these on. By tearing it all out i pretty much ment taking out the hitch because i couldnt remove the bolts with it in.
The front may be a wee bit lower then the back but i couldnt turn those torsion bolts in fear they would break!
Now im on a search for a like new set of 285/75 r16 Mud terrains these 265's look like donuts to me. and they even have 1.5 spacers on them.
so if anyone has some for sale and would be interested in shipping to canada let me know.
anyways here is some pics
Let me know if you guys think i need to crank the front up a bit?




heres some before pictures


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Nice and beefy! Good work. :thumbsup:

yep they should hold up, i think i need new leafs, might go to the junk yard or price out having some customs leafs built.
I still think it needs to be higher thou.

yes i did the 3" body lift, About 5 monthes ago.
iv been looking at pics of other rigs and mine looks smaller then others with 3"bl shackles and tt, do you think its just because of the 265's?
you guys think 33's will fatten it up a bit?

i dont think its smaller, its just proportioned right. tell me this, what was your little secret on mounting both the front and rear bumpers to match the body lift, or did you have to cut, and re weld the frame

What brush guard is that?

i used the brackets that came with the kit for the front, the back was a pain in the ass and i still havent realy finished it completely i want to weld the brackets to the frame, but for now its bolted there.
And that brushguard thats on there is a smitty built but it was for my 97 but i totaled it.
so i tried to put it on this explorer but it dont fit very good, im going to cut those 2 peices that look like there hanging down and angle them off a bit better.

Anyone have experience running a 305/70r16? its pretty much a 33x12.5 correct?

i forgot to tell you guys i also got some leather EB seats

How long did you make the shackles from bolt hole to bolt hole?

they are the exact same as the warriors, i think theres a template on here somewhere

i tested them out good yesterday went on a few trails and threw this swampy road, shes pretty muddy ill have to get a picture

Nice truck you have there. The 265's are a little small but i like the look. Which Mt tires are you looking at?

thanks man, and im looking at goodyear duratracs and nitto mud grapplers... im leaning towards the nitto's
anyone hear anything good about firestone destination MT's?

i guess not, anyways bought 4 6" lights yesterday and mounted them on my stock roof rack.


On tire the Destination M/T is rated first in its category if that helps any.

no one likes my light bar lol...?

On your ? about Firestone, the tire wears very well on daily driving duties. I would not suggest buy Nitto's if you plan on doing double duty with it, daily and off roading. Those Nitto's may look good and work well, but they wear too damn fast on the pavement. Trust me I know very well from experience. Go to a 32x11.5 or a 33x10.5 and that X would look nice.

oh, the light bar from the front makes your ride look more like a Jeep Liberty. Ditch it, but that is me. You like it, you keep it.

Just curious, but how did you make the shackles?

Like do you just start with a chunk of metal that you cut down to the template specs?

I have no desire to do this as I already have the Warrior but simply curious how people are able to make these on their own.


very easy i had some flat stock laying around i cut down to the length i wanted then drilled the holes and welded a peice of square tubing in there

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looks good keep up good work