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Installed Powermaster 200amp Alternator


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February 25, 2007
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Calgary, Alberta
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2008 Limited V8 4x4
Hi everyone,

I've been admittedly inactive around these parts for a little while, life can get hectic and work on my truck had taken a backseat to everything else. I've been experiencing electrical issues for some time now, not to mention an extemely annoying belt squeal upon initial startup. After replacing the belt tensioner and idler pulley, deductive reasoning pointed to a failing stock alternator as the cause of both problems aforementioned. Aside from less than satisfactory performance of my aftermarket stereo and sub, I noticed symptoms like low voltage when switched off, measured at 12.3V, and low voltage while running at about 13.0V.

I ordered a 200amp powermaster unit from Summit Racing. I opted for the black painted case, there's a polished version available as well.

Removal of the factory unit was not demanding. It required first removal of my K&N CAI tube, and took approximately 15 minutes with basic hand tools.

The new unit easily slid into place, although I wasn't able to free my overdrive alternator pulley from the stock unit and transfer it to the new one (I run the underdrive crank/harmonic balancer pulley, so the overdrive alternator pulley was originally added to the stock unit to prevent lower voltage output by having underdriven the whole system)

The serpentine belt was reattached, and determined to be of adequate length even with the provided pulley on he powermaster alternator. Measured voltage at idle was now 14.4V, indicating that the part solved my voltage issue. The stereo was notably louder, bass more impressive, and the awful squawk upon startup alleviated. I also run an electric fan and optima yellow top, and would recommend this alternator to anyone who has aftermarket upgrades that require additional amp draw.

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can you report back on it? I just revived mine from the pasture and got 80a of leds for it (rock lights) would love to know if its worth it

can you report back on it? I just revived mine from the pasture and got 80a of leds for it (rock lights) would love to know if its worth it
What else would you like to know about the unit? I've been driving it for about a week or so since installation and have been impressed with it's overall performance.

well I got a bunch of these:

and they are bright. like this

and wanted to know if you have tasked the alternator alot to see how it handles the load.

Did you do any work on the new Alternator's output B+ conductor, increase size perhaps, going over to the Engine Compartment Fuse Box? My 2004, with whatever alt. Ford provided (maybe 100 Amp?) uses a #4 conductor from the alt., whereas just a decade or so earlier, Mustangs for example, used two #10s in parallel. One heavy wire is always to be preferred over several parallel wires, as some lack of true current "split" is usually present. A true 200 amp. current flow @12V produces 2400 Watts. When alternators were introduced by Ford in 1965, they were rated at 42 Amps! Imagine! imp

how much are those? i have a tuff stuff 4g 200amp

it did bring my voltages up, and i wanted to run a 200 for all the electronic stuff i have added over the years.
they are also new, not remans. the only crappy thing is they build them as ordered so it may take 2 weeks before they ship it

@zhanx I run an under drive pulley system (25% under drive), black magic 180 electric fan, 400 watt speaker amp, 300 watt sub amp, and aftermarket HID's. I am confident this alternator will have no problem powering your supplementary lighting.

@imp It is a one wire alternator I'm not sure what you mean? The only connections are alternator to battery, and the factory connector for the voltage regulator. I have contemplated upgrading the alternator to battery wiring to a thicker gauge if that's what you mean, but the stock wire is in place now.

@vroomzoomboom I believe it was about $450 shipped. It was almost $600CAD after conversion, shipping, duty, etc.

@Greg_DonWindsor. cool, I don't have the underdrive, but i also have 500 watts in amps and 3 electric fans (with two emergency backups) . etc etc and I glad to hear I should be fine. My current one is tasked as it is.