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Installed Remote Start In 96 Eddie Bauer

Eddie V

November 28, 2006
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96 Eddie Bauer
Hello all, I installed a remote start/keyless entry on my 96 Eddie Bauer. It originally came with remote and factory alarm, but the remotes have long been gone.
It was not too bad, and if anyone is interested I can share more details.

I soldered all my splices (a 40 watt soldering gun from Radio Shack), as I dont want loose wires coming back to haunt me.The new system arms/disarms the factory alarm. I have a regular ignition key, so I did not require a key bypass.It took about 4-5 hours for me, and I hid the brain behind the console in the center, underneath the heating/cooling control panel.

I used a digital meter to double check everything before I spliced in. I got a lot of my info from the 12volt install bay web site, so I knew exactly what color wires I was looking for.

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I've always wondered how remote starts work. Does a key need to be in the ignition? If not, the ignition is in "Off" but the remote start still starts the car. So what happens when you go out to the car? Do you have to put a key in and turn it on? Otherwise the steering wheel won't turn. How do you turn it off, since the key is already in the "Off" position?

No, the key does not need to be in ignition, and if someone where to get in to try to drive off, the brake pedal de-activates the remote start module, in addition to the steering wheel lock.

When you first go inside your car, you insert your key and turn it to the run position (not crank) and then press the brake pedal. The module deactivates and your are running off your key. I will be putting an anti-grind relay (Normally Closed), as on the day I installed the system I didnt have one.

what remote start did you use and how much was it, also what is that website because i would like to put one in my X

I just really need the color of wires, what wires, and where they are, because the electrical part I have covered. I took an Auto Electrical class is college last year.