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Installing Aftermarket Coolant Temp. Gauge


October 23, 2003
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west springfield, ma
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91 xlt
I was just wondering for the people who have done one of these, where did you guys install the sensor(the reader of the coolant temp. lol) just wondering because i think im going to install my new autometer gauge tomarrow. Im also doing a coolant temperature gauge also, Im so fired up. lol
Thanks if any one can help

its an electric gauge

my beef

i installed a brass T with a nipple into the stock location. I mounted the stock sender, and the auto meter sender to the same T. There is a problem with this though. Air passing through the enging bay effects the temp. I am going to remove the coolant temp gauge in my truck. The stock works just fine. I Feel it is better to put in gauges that monitor systems that have no indication.