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Installing An Aftermarket CD Player In A 94 Ford Explorer with Factory Amp


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March 7, 2011
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Prosser, Washington
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1994 XLT 4 Door 4X4
I need help putting in an aftermarket CD player in my car. I just bought it and it didn't have a radio. I know this car is the model with the factory amp because I found it when I had to repair a hack job where someone cut the speaker wires that go to the amp and wired them with their own. I cut their wires and re soldered the wires to the factory plug. I then plugged it back into the factory amp and left all the wires alone. Now I'm down to plugging in the CD player. My question is If I'm using a Pioneer DEH-2000MP CD Player can I use the factory amp or do I need to buy the bypass connector and bypass the amp? My CD player is 50W X 4 Built-in Speaker Power and 22W X 4 Continuous Power Output and I'm using the factory speakers and wiring.

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Bypass the amp. The harness is available online or maybe radio shack.

I'm going to try to find the amp bypass plug and just bypass the amp.

I did not bypass the my amp! Im running the deh-4100ub i just plugged in the amp control wire and it worked! I bought a bypass just in case it didnt. and its surprisingly clear for being 20 years old!

What plug do I need for a 94 XLT 4DR 4WD with just the factory amp not the sub and two amps? I need the bypass plug.

Scosche FDK2B or Metra 70-5514 is the wiring kit that includes an amp bypass harness.

The amp bypass harness alone by scosche is FD07b or Metra 70-5513

You will also need an adapter plate to install your stereo, or you will need to do a bit of extra modification to your dash.

Any of those parts you can get at best buy, amazon, crutchfield, or ebay

Thanks for the info. I bought the Metra 70-5513 bypass. I wired my new cd wires directly to the factory ones because somone had already cut the plug off. Right now my cd player is in the dash but I need to get a trim plate for it. I didn't do anything to the dash. It is held in with the slide track in the middle and the metal tabs on the side.

Yeah 93 & up the DIN units fit without dash modification.