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Installing coil spring (cluncking sound)


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November 14, 1999
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I just changed my springs (moog performance springs) last thursday along with the radus arm bushings and I am hearing a clunk sound. Its hard to pinpoint the sound sometimes i hear it when hitting bumps. I also hear a clunk when I steering two different sounds.

Well after checking the springs today I noticed that the springs where not in the same position as when I installed them. thats wants making the clunking sound Is there a technic to installing coil spring on the Explorer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Coil Install

Well. let me try to remember. After having put 3 different sets of coils on my '93. I have a little bit of experience here ;-). If I remember right, the nylon cushion or insulator at the bottom (TTB End) has to go in a certain position that is obvious, and the retaining nut and cupped retainer washer have to be REALLY Tight: Hayne's Manual say 70-100 ft lbs. - go to 100. The spring has to go into the upper seat just so also... get this into position by rotating before the final torque of the bottom retainer nut. There's a channel in the top retainer for the spring to fit in, and the channel stops where the end of the coil is supposed to go.They're also some tabs bent down from the top seat to help with this positioning. Also, if your lift kit didn't come with them (my Rancho lift didnt) fabricate some spring retainer clips from some 1/8" T x 3/4 wide steel strap, that bend around the top coil, and drill a bolt hole thru the verticle flage part of the upper retainer, at a wide point, and bolt this strap down, after hooking it around the top coil of the spring. This will keep the top of the spring seated, and may eliminate your clunk. At the very least it will keep the spring from hopping out of the retainer on rough trails when you have lots of wheel droop..... A real pain to put back in on the trail!

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Ok I adjusted the springs but I am not sure on the drivers side where its suppose to seat. Do I turn the spring until it stops?. On the the passenger side there is an indent where its suppose to stop, that side is ok.

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