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Installing Diamond Clear Headlights: Second Generation

I have been running diamond clear headlights in my 1999 since early 2005 and they have been great. I have no complaints except for a fogging/moisture issue that I resolved ( ).

A few days ago while driving down SR70, a golf ball size rock liberated from a rock hauler decided to mate with my passenger side headlight. The resulting collision disconnected the clear lens and it was lost; I didn’t discover this until I got home because the light bulb sill functioned. At least it wasn’t another hog ( ) or Sandhill Crane ( ) with that mess to clean up. I do hope goons from PETA don’t hunt me down.

This incident necessitated the acquisition of two new headlights ( in view of the fact that diamond clear aftermarket headlights are not available as right or left single units ).

Not wishing to purchase lights from an e bay purveyor and while searching online for new lights, I remembered that while pursuing the LMC Truck catalog ( ) I saw diamond clear headlights for sale there.

I ordered a set of the headlights from LMC Truck. Part number 50-4694; $199.95 with a ludicrous $27.75 ground ( UPS ) delivery and “handling” charge for a total of $227.70 to my door ).

The diamond clear headlights visually appear to be a quality, well made product. I am also pleased with the ordering and shipping; LMC provided me with tracking data

And now on to the installation ….

The first step in the installation was to remove the plastic cover between the grill and radiator; it was attached with push pins and 2 screws. This provided access to remove the clear corner light assembly ( ). This was effortless with only 2 screws ( 10mm ) securing the top of the housing and a good tug to release the friction pins. The 3 light bulbs were disconnected and the corner assembly set aside.

To gain better access and since I needed to repaint the mesh grill insert anyway, I detached the grill by removing the 4 screws on the top of grill and the 2 screws behind the corner lights then the grill was released from the clips on the sides and bottom.

After that the headlight was removed by disconnecting the connector at the bulb. This was followed by compressing the 3 self locking tabs with long needle nose pliers ( this was much easier to perform than to describe ). The headlight was then pulled free. This was then repeated on the driver’s side. Note: when pulling the driver's side light free, the clear lense separated and came off in my hand. I wonder if the exposure to the elements weakens the seal on the lens?

Prior to the installation, the headlight’s seams were securely sealed with clear RTV to hopefully avoid any of the fogging/moisture problems I had in the past.

The installation was essentially the reverse of the above removal procedure.

The project took less than 1 hour.

Fortunately I have a friend who owns an auto repair facility and has a headlight adjusting “machine”. He adjusted the lights for me.


NOTE: these headlights have the bulb shield whereas my old ones did not. I did not notice anything different with the beam pattern.

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Bill Kemp

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these headlights have the bulb shield whereas my old ones did not. I did not notice anything different with the beam pattern.[/I]

Well there goes my bulb shield theory. Must be the guys w/shadows were from an inferior type of clear. Who knows???

Glad to hear all worked well for you.


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September 23, 2003
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Sounds like you have had bad luck with things hitting your truck LOL. About you not liking ebay lights....when I did my retrofit, I opened it up and totally resealed it with silicone. Its worked fine. Id rather put some work in myself and save 100$


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January 17, 2001
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June 30, 2005
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Are these headlights glass? I hate yellowed plastic lenses =[


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July 28, 2004
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Are these headlights glass? I hate yellowed plastic lenses =[

They're not glass. But they don't yellow either. I just removed a set after they were on my '99 for 3+ years and they were as clear as the day I installed them (and I got them second hand from another EF member).