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Installing DVD player and Monitor in my X


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January 7, 2002
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'92 Explorer XL 4x4
I finally decided what to do about a DVD player for my X. Now here is another question:

When installing my stand-alone dvd player, can I connect the wires (constant 12v, power, and ground) to the same wires my head unit is hooked to or do I need to find another source of power?


I would personally run a new cable back from the battery, and add a fuse or just go ahead and add another fuseblock, so in case you need more power later, you'll have it.

If you really want to go cheaply, Im sure that you could just replace the fuse for the radio, but I am not sure stock wiring would be enough, it may....

i have a fused 8 guage from the battery into the middle of the truck that then splits into like 8 14 guage wires with fuses that run to each of my signal stream components. thats probably overkill, but yoiu could do something similar.

and no there is no need to run a different wire all the way from the battery for running two source units. just splitting one and fusing it again is both safe, and effective.