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Installing indash screen, need help

Derek's E.B.

September 5, 2002
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96 Eddie Bauer
If I take out my factory head unit to replace it with an after market indash tv, will my rear factory sub still work? I was told that I would need some $80.00 peice to make the rear sub still work. But then I was told by the supervicer at Circuit City, that they should be able to make it work without doing anything like that...what is the truth from one X owner to another?


im not positive on this, but the indash tv hu u are buying should have a input for an amp for the sub. since the factory system has an amp for the sub, you should be able to plug that into the input of the hu. however, because the amp from ford isnt made for that HU, you might need to get a wiring harness for liek $15 at radioshack. Im not positive on this, so id wait for the audio gurus to jump in.. good luck

Your best bet is going to be to give Peripheral a call: 727-572-9255. I used their Ford/JBL interface before (note: this is not the same as the Ford/Premium Audio adapter - this won't work with the JBL system), but the JBL system changed for 1995+ when they went to a seperate tuner pack. Peripheral supposedly has an interface which will work with these systems, but I couldn't find it on their website. You should be able to do it though, so give them a call and they will tell you what you need.