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Instrument Cluster Bulbs


September 21, 2010
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2006 Explorer
How do I change the bulbs on the instrument cluster? One of the speedo bulbs are out.

Also, the rotary switch for the headlamps no longer lights the various indicator positions. Is this one bulb and how do you replace that?

Thanks so much.

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I haven't been here for a while but I remember some console removal instructions. People were putting in different color lights. I'll do a search tomorrow because I need to get in there too. I'll keep you posted.

So I'm in the middle of this right this minute. This guide has been helpful but I'm stuck. I had to undo all three wiring harnesses that attach to the cluster just to see behind it, there's one small wire at the bottom, lord only knows what that does but it's preventing me from pulling the whole cluster out. Not only that but there's a million bulbs back here and I can't tell which ones are the ones that are burned out. Help

I've had to replace a couple of mine. The bulbs for the gauge lights and turn signals all have small plastic hex shaped ends. I used a small pair of pliers and gave them a quarter turn and they popped right out. The replacement bulbs are about $5 at the dealer.

It is so much easier to change the bulbs on this than my old 2000 where I had to take half the dash apart!

Yes, thanks for the response. I got screwed over. The dealer told me there were three bulbs behind the dash cluster so he sold me 3 bulbs with the plastic housing for each bulb. When I went to take this apart, as I noted below, I discovered there were all kinds of bulbs. So I went back to the dealer and to another auto parts place and showed them the larger bulb in its plastic housing and both of them said that they didn't have any, that they would have to be ordered and at no time did they indicate that the bulb itself can be just pulled out of its housing. So I ended up going to two other auto parts places before I learned that the bulb just pulls out and they are easily available and in stock. A huge waste of time that could have easily been avoided had I known better.

thanks, the youtube video you posted is helpful but still different from the 2002 model that I have.

thanks, the youtube video you posted is helpful but still different from the 2002 model that I have.

well this thread is in the 2006-2010.. so lol

I was blinded by a mixture of confusion and rage lol. Seriously, I found this thread by doing a search and I must have overlooked what part of the site it came from.