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Instrument Cluster Fuse


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January 27, 2011
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My Instrument Cluster fuse (#21) keeps blowing. Sometimes it will keep for months, sometimes minutes. I took it into Ford and they replaced the fuse and suggested I replace the entire fuse panel! I'm sure there must be a short somewhere, but it does it while I'm just driving down the street so it doesnt make sense. I'm a single woman so not very trusting of going to another mechanic who will try to mess with me. Anyone know something specific I can look for and if its not something I can repair what exactly do I need to do...afraid of the repair shop!


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What year explorer are you working on?

There are only 3 things on that circuit, IC, compass and flasher relay. You could try disconnecting the compass for awhile and see if it is better. I have never seen problem with IC so far. Do you have any concerns with the turn signals? If so that could be an issue affecting the fuse concern.

Same exact issue Lovelace. You end up figuring it out? Need some help!