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Instrument cluster issue


July 12, 2015
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98 eddie bauer 5.0 AWD
so i just bought a 98 explorer xlt 5.0 and the PO told me about the temp gauge reading high. he said he replaced the thermostat and the temp sensor and the gauge still read high(upper third of gauge). when i got the rig home i plugged in an ultra gauge just to see what the water temp was( aroung 200 btw). acording to the ultra gauge my temp gauge is off, my tach is reading 500 rpm high and my spedometer is like 6mph off. i haven't configured the gauges to check accuracy of the others like oil pressure or volts or fuel. The message center also reads ok.

my question is that is there a way i can test this?

i plan on doing an aftermarket oil pressure and temp gauges just because.