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Instrument Panel Lights


December 5, 2009
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Bethlehem, PA
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'04 Explorer XLS
After searching many times on this forum, I can't seem to get an answer to a question thats been bugging me for awhile. In a 2004 Explorer, what is the correct size for the instrument panel bulbs? The owner's manual just says "See Ford Dealer," which I don't really care to do. I've tried the guide on the Sylvania website, but the codes for instrument panel bulbs are only listed until 2001 (2nd gen only). :(

I'm just wondering if anyone has had to replace the instrument panel lights in a 3rd gen. Explorer and what size/code bulbs it needs? I've already looked at the instrument panel removal thread a thousand times, and that seems easy enough - but I'd like to know what bulbs to get before I unplug a pretty necessary part of my everyday vehicle.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!