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intake manifold coolant leak


May 25, 2005
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Abbotsford Canada
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Explorer 1991 XLT
I have a 1991 explorer and I have a coolant leak on the right hand side of my intake manifold in the corner where the manifold and the head meet. Is this a common problem with 4.0 liter engines. And if so is there an upgrade I can use when replacing the gasket??

I once had a similar leak. It was a broken bolt on the engine. I used a Vice Grip to grab the stub (once a bolt), and replaced it with a new bolt. I didn't need to replace the gasket, or use any gasket sealant.

It is very common for the intake gasket to fail on higher mileage Explorers. The replacement gaskets are an updated design.

Mine blew on the front of the intake, I just used the felpro gaskets to replace it.