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Intake Manifold-here is the story-help me solve this


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August 28, 2007
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La Grange, IL
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2002 Explorer xlt 4 wd
Lower intake manifold fails and I buy the Felpro kit to replace: Kit contains lower 2 piece, 2 valve cover gaskets, 6 2 piece intake plenum O rings, and two paper gaskets that are used in the fiuel rail and upper.

Truck ran fine for a while and then a big vacuum leak. I have managed to get this to down toa smaller leak, but still have idle problems.
I was maticulous on the lower intake gasket and valve cover gaskets and do not think that is my problem, but could be wrong.

I did not replace the fuel rail gaskets. SHould this always be done? I didnt have a fule leak and didnt want to open a can of worms. Also, should I be using some type of gasket silicone, (Black) on all the gasket connections? I think the leak is from either the upper manifold, or the fuel rail.