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March 16, 2008
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'91 XL
Im planning to remove the stock intake box in my 91 X and replace it with either a K&N or an AEM cone. my question is what would i do with the hose going to the oil filler neck and the two vaccum line going into the stock air box?

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....Click on the "How To" in my signature and you should find a link at the bottom of the 1st post...;)

...Also, do a search on here for cold air intakes...

has anyone done this on their ex that can just let me know?

search. its on here.

Hook them back up. Can't tell you off hand what the vacuum lines go to, but the line going to the oil filler neck is the (filtered, MAF monitored) air intake for the PCV system. If you don't hook it back up, you'll be sucking unfiltered air through your engine.

click on the link in my sig. i even posted pics. i spent less then $30 bux to do it even. lol