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Interceptor hubcaps on 17" base wheels


April 20, 2008
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2014 Explorer Base
I just purchased a silver base model, with the steel wheels and wheel covers. I like the look of black wheels against the silver, but I do not want to purchase new wheels. I've seen that the Interceptor models with the 18" 5 spoke wheels have a small chrome hubcap. Does anyone know if those chrome hubcaps would fit on a 17" wheel?

I seen some pics of older Interceptor models that look like they have the same "slotted" style of black steel wheel and not the current 5 spoke model. Those also had what look to be the same chrome hubcaps.


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Your dealer parts department would be in the best position to tell you that.
It also depends on how that small cap (part 1130C @ $86.10 ea) fits onto the interceptor wheel. Is it a 'snap' on type or the type that is held on by the lugnuts as your cover is. You can check out for parts.


Thanks for the quick response. I think it is the snap on type. Its the small chrome center hub cover, and not the full wheel cover. I've seen some earlier Interceptor models with the same style of wheel that I currently have - before they started using the 5 spoke version. Those older wheels also had the small chrome center hub covers.

I have the part number for the one used on the current wheels. I just wonder if it would fit on the older style, as well.

Found some of the chrome center pieces on Ebay for about $15 each. That's a huge break from the $50 each the dealership wanted to charge me. Had to buy new lug nuts, also. It was a simple install. Removed the old lug nuts. Removed the wheel cover. Installed new lug nuts, and popped on the chrome center cap. This totally changed the look of the vehicle, and I have been given several compliments on it so far.

When I put the base 17" steel wheels on my Limited I had to buy the type of lugnuts you took off since they also hold the full wheel cover on. The nuts were like $13 ea X 20 + tax. Not sure what it's going to cost to get Winter wheels for my MKT.



How bout some pics? I'd like to see the center caps.

[MENTION=163604]peterk9[/MENTION] I found some used lug nuts on eBay for about $20 (US) for the whole set. The listing had enough pics for me to be confident they were still in good shape, and they were.
[MENTION=203133]dmlns1092[/MENTION] I'll try to get some pics soon. I love the look so far, as it completely changes the look of the car. Makes it look more "fierce", and I have received numerous compliments on it. The center caps are the same that have been used on the police Crown Vics and also the new Interceptor Utility and Sedan. The Ford part numbers are different, but I cannot tell any actual differences between them.