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Interesting Idea


June 21, 2005
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Northville, MI
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99 XLS
So I plan on getting a Safari style roof rack. I also plan on putting in a retractable cloth roof panel. The panel I was looking at is Does anyone see why they would not both work? If the Safri rack attaches to the existing roof rack, the picture looks like the side rails stay. I think that would be awesome to take the roof off of my truck!! Any ideas??

Just as long as there is enough room under the rack for the ragtop to fold up, it should work in theory. I would be more worried about the strength issue. With the ragtop, you're cutting all the support out of the roof, so putting a rack with cargo on the top might not be that great of an idea.

loss of B pillar integrity make this a no-no for offroaders without a cage....but looks like it will work with a surco. I might worry about clearance of the folds as you slide it back.

too funny....double posted from two different sources....