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Interesting Problem: Chugging but no loss of power


June 21, 2009
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1993 XLT
Here is the issue: the truck has a chugging, or brief reoccurring hesitation BUT the check engine light is not on, the hesitation/chugging does NOT affect the speed at which the truck is traveling, nor does it affect the RPMs, power is still great. The only problem is that as you are traveling along it seems to bog or chug several times in a row. It hasn't died on me, yet and it doesn't seem like it will. It can be while idling at a stop light/sign, or going at a constant speed. Thinking it could have been bad gas, I threw some Iso-Heet in. The problem remains. I noticed in one of the posts that AutoZone will code it free? I'm going to look into that, but will it throw codes if the engine light isn't on?

Type of Vehicle:
93 Exploder, 4.0 L, auto transmission, 4x4

Thanks in advance!

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Autozone only does OBDII. Your truck has an OBDI system in it.

Thanks, I called them and they said since the check engine light isn't on, they can't do it anyway.

It might also be helpful to have a working temp gauge but we know that isn't happening either ;)

It sounds like a fuel delivery problem. Maybe check the fuel pressure, AutoZone has a pressure gauge in the loan program, or you can purchase one. I think they are getting around $40 for one at AZ, you can find them online cheaper though. I would start by checking the pressure, and probably replacing the fuel filter. When was the last time it was replaced?

I should have been clearer, sorry... I very much feel it is fuel delivery. The problem is that it seems to be intermittent. You would almost have to hook a gauge up and start driving, and if it starts happening, jump out and see what it says! You could replace the fuel filter as a proactive measure.

This is a complex problem owing to the complexity of the fuel delivery system. Potential issues: filter, pump, pressure regulator, computer, electrical connections...I'm missing a few, these are examples. I hope you find a fix early and economically.

May be a long shot but could be you coil pack. What you describe sounds like what happened to my X when my coil pack decided to slowly go out on me.
i see you live in Michigan, me too. Where abouts, if close i may be able to help you out and take a look.