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interior light suggestions

I got interested in putting led lights inside my truck. I found a setup where they put 6 on a bar and its pretty damn bright i think brighter than neon lights. My setup will probably be at the front foot rest area and maybe in the back foot rest area. My question is what color? i was thinking red since the outside color of my ex is red but blue looks pretty cool they have pretty much every color you could think of. Suggestion on color and even a cool place to put them and still make it look clean would help thanks.

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i wouldnt use leds use a neon or if youre not using red use a cathode. Check out for some ideas. Or maybe take a look at (bmxboys) explorer sight, he has a neon in every possible place you can have one on an explorer

I installed some LED's in the cup holder.


Glowin, question for you, regarding interior lighting (really trying not to jack the thread :p):

I know Street Glow and Low Glow are the top notch brands as far as neon lighting goes. You, preferably, what would you recommend me for 2 12" (I think SG might just offer 15", same thing either way) for under the dashs up front, and perhaps a 24" stick in the back?

Thanks :)

ok well from what i hear i think im going neons and i am gonna buy 2 red 10inchers and put them under the dash

to put 'em in the cupholder... where exactly are the lights? Could you take a pic of 'em without drinks there so I could see the placement?

When bmxboy did it (the first to do it i believe) he used leds and drilled into the sides of the cupholder. His old site used to have pics i'll see if i can find some for you
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"I had 4 led's...two for each cup holder, had them angled upward for more effect. I coul dhave had them from the bottom but i liked this effect better (led didn't shine directly up putting glow on ceiling...)"-Carl

others have done it too.

I had 2 of those led bars that your talking about, one blue and one red. I put them in the vent right above my stereo. Very easy to do, used power from my lighter. The combo looked really cool. It would shine blue, red, and purple from the lights mixing together. Oh yeah they were sound activated so they mixed well. The blue has since burned out so I have just red lights coming from my vent, still looks pretty good.