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Interior Lighting Diagram

Eddie V

November 28, 2006
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96 Eddie Bauer
Could somebody post an interior wiring diagram that shows the lights and door contacts for a 1994 explorer?

The lights dont turn on when I open any of the doors, maybe a relay is shot?

If somebody could post this diagram, that would be great!

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...have you checked your fuses??? now this might be diff from yours as it is for a 91...


The interior lights work when I turn the knob, and I have sprayed the door contacts all around with no success.

...the spraying only works on handle operated interior lights...

...have you checked your fuses??? the reason i ask is i had the same problem a month or so ago and all it was, was the could get a haynes or chiltons book at the parts store for about 20 bucks, well worth the cost...:D

I do have a chiltons book, and it doesnt have a wiring diagram for interior lighting controlled by doors!

I have checked the fuses, all I am looking for is someone to post the actual wiring diagram or send it to me.

I have the same problem with my dome lights, but they don't turn on even with the headlight switch. All fuses check ok, any other suggestions? a hot check at the fuse for your interior lights...then hot check your headlight switch for your 94, also check your relays...:scratch:

My dome light will come on when the back hatch door is open and then only with the driver door. I have other electrical gremlins so I'm thinking its something in the relay/computer box. After wiggling the connections, my power locks worked to unlock but not lock. I also have a problem now with the headlights/dash lights not working properly. I believe its all related to that box at the rear.

I'm ahving this problem too, and all my fues are fine.

very nice, thanks. Just below the healamp switch in the diagram is where the keyless entry box would be. It changes from blk/pink to blk/lt blu. This will definitely help me out. Do you happen to have one for the power locks? Is this from a service manual or haynes/chilton book? Is there a different one for the Eddie Bauer?
Thanks again.

This image is from a service manual at a nearby library. The Chiltons book does not carry this diagram.