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interior lighting help needed


February 28, 2004
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Detroit Lakes, MN
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'95 XLT 4x4
Greetings all-
Just a quick question. I would like to install a pair of small interior lights in the front driver and passenger footwell areas, essentially lighting the floor whenever the interior lights are activated. I have a pair of direct wire lights that will work, but I was just wondering if anyone had wired up anything similar and might point me to a suggested wire or area to splice into. I did a similar thing to a Plymouth K-car I owned in high school, and it is fairly straight forward providing the correct splicing is done.

Thank you!!

IDk what wire to splice into but i was going to say at autozone the have puddle lights that just stick on. I'm going to get me some and splice them into the back dome. They give off a good bit of light have 2 of them in the trunk of my honda and it lights all of it up.