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Interior Lights Problem


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March 26, 2015
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2010 Explorer
Hello y'all.

I have a 2010 Explorer. Just replaced the battery and alternator about two weeks ago. This morning on the way into work I had the AC on, phone charging and radio going. About half way to work all the interior lights (minus the radio) started to shut off every time pushed on the gas pedal. When I let off and coasted they all came back on. The performance of the engine hasn't suffered. I turn it off and it starts back just fine.

Any ideas? I haven't checked fuses yet but that was my initial thought.

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Have the alternator output tested. I know you said you just changed it but it's possible that it has failed again. Incorrect voltage can do all sorts of crazy things to cars now.

Just tested the alt. Started it up and took the red lead off the battery. It just about died. Thanks for the tip. It was a real head scratcher.

I hear you should never remove the battery when its running on newer vehicles you could mess up really expensive electronics and most of the new cars cant run on alt only so its not even a test anymore that proves anything...

Yeah, I would get a battery/charging system tester. Most parts stores will test this for you also.