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Interior Roll Cages


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November 17, 2004
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St. Louis, MO
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92 Sport 4x4
Does anyone have any pics of cages for a first gen 2DR X. My buddy is an acomplised welder and we were kinda playing around with the idea of building a cage for it. I am just looking for some pictures to get ideas...

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Fakrwee has a cage in his navajo. not sure if he posted pictures of his cage or not though. From the Bpillar forward it should be the same as a 4 door. Rick has a nice cage very tucked in as well. has some Rangers and SUV's with full cages bumper to bumper, but keep in mind the majority of those trucks are built to keep you alive at high speeds, us trail guys dont necessarily need the protection they build, but there is alot ot be learned from their cage designs, gusseting, welding to the cab, triangulation, what works best, etc...

does anyone have any pictures of some cages...