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Interior shifter column lights not working 2006 eddie bauer


Im having a issue where my interior shifter column lights are not working. My All my other interior lights are working properly, dash,overhead, map, radio ect. Its not a fuse under the hood or dash. The only thing i have been able to gather from some research is that the bulb is not accessible and the entire shift column assembly would need to be replaced. Just wondering if anyone else had similar problems? Could it possible be a loose connection, or is it easily accessible to pull apart? Also has anyone tried pulling the assembly and replacing the bulb themselves? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

* Also as a note the issue is amplified because its hard to know what gear im in as there is no dash indicator like there is on the 07 and newer.

Thank you. I looked for alittle and couldn't find anything but it was prob due to searching lighting and not console =/. Any other input on the issue though would still be greatly appreciated!

At times you may have a better search result if you do an advanced search and search in the 2006-2010 forum. The forum is still young but it is slowly growing as warranties expire and work is done at home.