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Interior Trim Piece Question


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December 1, 2006
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2001 Mountaineer
Hi, I have a 99 Explorer sport and the driver's side window column trim piece is busted (the one that goes all the way up and over the door) I have a 98 Explorer with the same color in it.

First I want to verify that the trim pieces are interchangable. Also, I wondered if there are any tricks to getting the trim off without busting it.

Thanks in advance

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Nobody has any input for me? I'd like to do this tomorrow, I just don't want to bust up the good one in the process

i have the same problem.

dealer wants $75 for a new one.

oh & could u let me know how it goes? thanks.

a pannel popper tool is the key to successful removal.
Look for the stickey at the top of the " tools " section.

Start at the top and pull back enough to get an eye ball in there. Once you can start seeing the tabs you will know where to pulling with the panel popper.

good luck.

Got my trim parts switched, although not without incident. Everything went fine but I bought one of those panel popper tools and was running it along the top part of the piece just wiggling a little and I slipped and hit my windshield (not even very hard) SPIDER CRACK! At least it was in the X that I'm selling, not my DD. But I was super pissed, and that tool was worthless for this particular piece. Oh well, such is life

that tool was worthless for this particular piece. Oh well, such is life

Ya either had the wrong tool or you used it wrong.

I can pop those trim pannels off all day and all night with the right tool and never had a problem.

It wasn't that the tool is junk or that I used it wrong.......just that it really wasn't necessary. I could see how it might be used to get the top clip off but the other two simply pull out by hand no problem at all. The windshield thing was my fault really not the tools......still mad at myself for slipping