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Intermediate & O/D Servos = confused


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April 7, 2003
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2003 limited 4.6 V8
im in the middle of a rebuild and i keep finding bad or broken parts in my 92 A4LD after removing the servo pistons the intermediate servos seal was like a brick and broken so i need to order the servos do i need to also get the covers as well or can i reuse the old ones im also a liitle confused of what to order AA - AB can someone direct me in the right direction for what to order THX >> link HERE where im ordering from

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The covers are reuseable. A rebuild kit should have the O rings seals that go on them. You can just order the servos that match the cover denomination (eg AB, BB etc....)

Or you can do an upgrade, and replace the front OD servo with a new ZC servo and ZC cover, and take the old front OD cap (AB) and move it into the rear intermediate position and buy a new AB servo for it.

Is that understandable? It seems so to me, but if that is confusing let me know and I will try and explain better.

can I use the ZC servo covers from some trannys in the junk pile ? I have three (either 4R 0r 5R) in the scrap heap. all have ZC covers.

which springs do I use when putting the ZC servos in a A4LD ?

Yes you can. and use the old springs.

Yes you can. and use the old springs.

?? the springs from the 4R tranny/ZC covers or the springs from the A4LD ?

(...forgive me 'cause I'm an old retired school directions have to be super specific :D)