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Intermitant AC


February 16, 2015
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Chandler Arizona
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2002 Mountaineer 2WD V8
02 Mountaineer 2WD V8

Ac blew cold then warm, turned it off then it blew cold again for a few days. Then one day it started cold and after 10 min it went warm. Took to friend who tested 34A pressure at over 100 on the high side but the compressor wasn't kicking in.

looked at fuses and tested the relay. The AC clutch relay looked suspicious and when we installed it, it kicked in and the Ac worked for a couple days and then it went warm again. I bought a new relay and put it, nothing, just warm air.

What next? Clutch? R134A Charge?

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Do you happen to have the manual or automatic climate control?

Automatic dual climate control.

100 psi is really low at any outside temp. Check the pressure graph vs ambient temps for the high side.

I would just add pure 134A with no additives. If you read the very last paragraph, it states: "All Schrader valves leak at an acceptable rate of up to 1/4oz. per year. The cap is the final seal and contains any leakage."

Knowing this, I would put in 1 full can, and see where your Highside Pressure is at. It it's in the safe area, leave it! Don't over charge.

Wally Word was selling regular 134A for half the price of that Arctic Freeze stuff.

you probably have a leak in the system, try putting a can of refrigerant with UV dye and check for leaks using a black light. Kit cost $15 in auto stores (light and glasses)
100psi is really low on the high side, it should be somewhere 200-250 on 80-90F weather. Walmart has those primis r134 can for $8.

Thanks all. Will try adding tonight or tomorrow night. BTW you can get Dupont brand R134A on ebay 6 cans for $27.00 with free shipping.