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intermitten dying


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April 12, 2012
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Ellsworth AFB, SD
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05 sport trac 4X4
my issue has been random times when i start the truck in the past month i would crank it and it would turn over spark, ignite and run for about 30 seconds then sputter spit and then die. luckly after everytime i was able to peg the gas pedal and get it to turn over run and force it into a high idle. that has happened maybe 5 time or so before last night. last night i was driving and when i stopped at a light the truck sputtered and then died i tried to recrank while flooring the gas pedal and had no luck it would crank and pop on maybe one cylinder but never fully turn over or run. i went back around 8 hours later and it cranked up no problems what so ever. i have no constant CEL and i am unsure if it is smart to drive a tempermental truck into town. i want her fixed but not at the expense of being stranded.

im hoping that someone with some insite on this might chime in my truck has been idling just as long as it ran before dying. is it common to have fuel pumps go hit or miss? i always had them dead or alive never inbetween. or is it possible the fuel pressure regulator is shot? any help is appreciated

mike lyons 815-762-7724

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You have changed the fuel filter in the last 20K or so, I 'd guess. The feeding it gas to keep it running & shutting off at stops sounds like an IAC valve issue but the going bac when it's cold and restarting doesn't so much. Still possible. Smack/trip the inertia switch and reset it just for kicks & giggled. They sometimes get hot & malfunction.

yes i changed the fuel filter in the last 5k miles and i checked codes and it came up with 1233 and the leading cause to that is supposedly the inertia switch i temporarily bypassed it and it runs fine no bogging or hesitation. i will clean the IAC and the rest of intake. i also got a replacement pcv so. i hope the bypass for a week and the cleaning of the intake clears my issue. ill send back with results

The inertia switch is a possibility.
P1233 - Fuel Pump Driver Module Disabled or Off Line
Other Possible Causes:
Inertia fuel shutoff (IFS) switch needs to be reset
Open FPDM ground circuit
Open circuit to FPDM PWR RLY
Open FPDM PWR circuit
Open or shorted FPM circuit (engine should start)
Damaged IFS switch
Damaged FPDM

In case you're not familiar with all of Fords abbreviations :)
FPDM Fuel Pump Driver Module
FPM Fuel Pump Monitor
PWR Power, of course.
IFS Inertia Fuel Shutoff
RLY Relay

the FPDM is the pressure module on the center top part of the left fuel rail right? i gave thought to replacing that part. since it is cheap.

now that i think of it the FPR is on the rail in the location i describe as for the FPDM im at a lost