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Intermittent a/c failure and rear blower clicking


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December 28, 2007
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2003 Mercury Mounty prem.
Hello all,
Recently purchased a 2003 mercury mountaineer premier 2wd v8 with 28,??? miles.

The a/c worked fine before I left the dealer and now it mostly doesn't work. All the way to a restaurant it didn't work. I put it in park at the restaurant and noticed the rear a/c was blowing hottttt air. Not just warm air but HOT air! So I messed with the above temperature control (which was on top vent not floor and coldest setting on 4.) All of a sudden when I was messing with it all the vents in the rear blew cold air so I was like hmmm that's weird. The front still was blowing non-a/c air but it wasn't hot like the rear was blowing. Few days later I turned it on let it warm up and than nothing came out but a stinky rotten flower smell. So obviously the a/c isn't working if that is the case. Several minutes later the a/c worked??? Mind you that whole time until it started working the rear a/c blew out the same temp as the front.

To me it makes no sense that the rear a/c eventually worked and the front was blowing the same air. This should mean that the a/c clutch works as the coolant lines run off the same stuff under the hood right? BTW the entire time it didn't blow cold I made sure that the engine bay clicked like it does when you engage the a/c.

Second problem
My rear blower makes a clicking noise whenever the rear blower is on, I tried researching but seems as if everyone has a different result to the problem. Some say brakes and than some said 2 different problems with the rear blower.

Sorry if this is all confusing and long, just wanted to make sure i get any and all details that could help. Thanks!:thumbsup:

Don't know if I can help but I will try.

Sounds like the hot to cold problem is the blending door is not working or getting stuck.

The clicking sound is the blower motor.

I would start here:


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That's what I figured. Is the only way to fix it by replacing it? The dealer will hopefully be taking care of it. I have a warranty that kicks in in a month or rather 2 and a 1/2 weeks but until that time I'd like to have the air working and the a/c not making the mad noises it does.

Has anyone else had the smell issue from the vents when it isn't on a/c???