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Intermittent ABS


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September 22, 2005
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Los Angeles, CA
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`96 XLT
I have a 1996 Explorer XLT (2WD) with 4W disc brakes/ABS. I have had an intermittent ABS light problem for a few months now. I first changed the rear speed sensor and then both front speed sensors which corrected the problem for only a short time. Fluid levels are correct and wire connections are fine although I have not seen any breach in actual wiring. Still, I have an intermttent ABS light and occasionally I also feel a minor jolt in the brake pedal when stopped at a traffic light. When stopped and feel the jolt, the ABS light will either go on or off, sometimes on and off. I have an OBD scanner that indicates "Pass", no codes stored. Any suggestions as to what else may be the problem causing the ABS light to go on and off?

PS The ABS light is correct as to the function of the system, i.e. when light is off, ABS works properly and when light is on, ABS does not operate.
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