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Intermittent no start when cold


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January 4, 2011
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fountain valley, CA
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2001 XLT 5.0
2001 XLT 5.0, 147,000 miles - When engine is cold I don't hear fuel pump prime when turning key to on position. I cycle the ignition off/on a few times and then I hear pump prime. Starts and runs ok until the next morning then I go through the same process. I've recently replaced the crank sensor and the fuel pump relay, each time problem went away for a few days then returned. Checked for codes, nothing..and check engine light never comes on. I'm in coastal California so cold is relative.

and check engine light never comes on
Does "never" include KOEO? I'm not as familiar with the 2nd gen behavior, but I thought is was federally mandated that the CEL/MIL was supposed to come on KOEO to indicate that the light works and the PCM has power (it works that way in the 1st gens). If the CEL really is never coming on (especially when it won't start), you might look at the PCM power and ground circuits to make sure they are good.

You might PM a moderator to have your post moved to a 2nd gen forum where the people will be more familiar with the 2nd gen engine management system.

My mistake, I need to move it to stock 1995-2001 forum. What I meant was check engine light is functioning and comes on when PCM is powered up. When the engine runs all seems normal so I think the PCM is ok.