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Intermittent parking brake light


December 29, 2008
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I noticed that the parking brake light that lights up on the dash when you hit the foot brake in the 02 ST Im testing lights up at times then at times it does not. is this a plug or switch problem? or is the bulb loose? anyone had this problem before?:)

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mine was doing the same thing...most likely you are low on brake fluid...and the brake fluid only gets low if you have a leak or your brake pads are low...

so check the fluid and go from there

Gregg XLS: just checked the fluid level, its still on the green so I guess it might be the pads.

Johnstone: so that's what it means, usually on Japanese cars, the brake light indicator stays on when the brake pads need to be replaced. by the way got ur pm, tanx for the info.:)

If the pads are worn down, then the brake fluid should be low.

If you don't have a low brake fluid situation and worn pads, then just make sure your parking brake pedal is all the way retracted. I have that problem with my Sport Trac. The parking brake pedal doesn't always retract all the way and the brake light will be on.

the indicator is a LED

so it's probably the switch or wiring