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Intermittent sluggish engine, rough idle


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December 24, 2000
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Los Angeles, CA
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I first noticed this when running the truck in ambient temps of over 90 degrees. After the engine had been off for about 20 min. or so, I would start the truck and it would run as if it were missing. I would give it gas but it just wouldn't go. It would clear up within 5 min. It gave a CEL and code of intermittent misfire. It hasn't given a CEL in about a over a year but the problem is continuing. It happened the 2 weeks ago in cooler weather right at start up. I drove for about 1 mile and it continued to run rough. It feels like the engine is working against itself. I had been running the stock airbox for that time. I cleaned the Maf and but the K&N back on. Ran great but still gave me the problem a couple of days later. My mechanic pulled these codes:
B04F1; P106A; P0100. They cleared and test drove. No problem. Any ideas? Thanks.