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Intermittent squeak fixed (!?)


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July 21, 2008
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2002 Eddie Bauer V6 4WD
I have had an intermittent squeak coming from somewhere off the serpentine belt for years. It's is the belt or belt pulley as there is no squeak if the belt is off.

The squeak generally happens while the vehicle is warming up - once it has been at full operating temp the squeak is no more. It is not the idler pulley or the tensioner arm as I pulled both and checked them for noise.

I have changed the belt to no avail. However, today I changed the belt to a "Gatorback" Goodyear belt and this seems to have solved the issue. We will see as the squeak has a habit of coming back. But so far so good.


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Squeak SOLVED!

It's been almost 2 weeks and the squeak is banished. Not even a hint of it. The Goodyear Gatorback belt works like a charm - recommended.


Interesting. My '05 4.0L XLT has an intermittant squeak or chirp while driving, like the AC compressor kicks in and there's a single chirp of protest. A Gatorback fixed it, huh? Good to know...

The squeak in my case was often continuous in nature for up to 15 minutes upon startup. It could become a squeal at higher revs. Sometimes it wouldn't make an appearance, and was unlikely after the first startup of the day, provided the cars was used after that startup.

The Gatorback worked for me. No squeal or squeak at all now. Since the belt is easy to change and not too expensive, it's worth a go, IMHO.


I have the intermittant squeak or chirp in my '04 to0, i'll try the gatorback in the ford. it worked in the jeep and still running strong after 40k.

Goodyear Gatorback fixed my Chirp/squeak, seemed to be related to the A/C turning on or off. Seemed Random.