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Intermittent Starting Problem


July 6, 2004
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Dutchess County, NY
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95 Eddie Bauer
I'm a little stumped...

Last Sunday my brother-in-law's Explorer wouldn't start. Battery good, no clicking sound from the starter, nothing. Swapped the relay in the fuse box, tapped the starter with big pliers. No dice. It was late, so I decided to take a look at it on Monday morning when parts stores are open. I did the research here and was pretty sure it was the starter solenoid. So Monday morning I go there, I turn the key just for kicks and the sucker starts right up! I shut it off and start it up about 10-15 times and it started every time with no problem. Could somebody shed some light on this? Is the solenoid to blame? By the way, I could't find the fender/firewall mount solenoid on his truck. It's a 2000 XLT with SOHC engine