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Introducing my 92' Explorer Sport to the family


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February 23, 2011
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San Mateo, California
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92' Sport
Hey forumers.
This place is great. Poking around I've already had some questions answered and I just got here! (like what vehicle to get a manual transfer case out of, and where to get fiberglass fenders)
I picked up my 1992 Explorer Sport from a retired police officer who'd owned it since it was new. I bought it about four years ago with 89K on the odometer. It was bone stock when I bought it which was great because I was driving back and forth between San Francisco and Orange County. Now that I'm not making those trips, the modifications have begun... slowly but surely.

So far I've installed 2" Superlift coils up front with add-a-leafs in the rear and now it's rolling on 31"x10.50/15 Good Year Wranglers. The bumps are handled by Rancho RS5000s. The inside hasn't seen as much attention. I've upgraded the stereo to a Nakamichi CD head unit and the ruined 6" factory sub woofer was replaced by a 6" Morell, all run on the original JBL amp. Just replaced the Plugs, wires, serpentine belt and alternator as well.

My vision for the Explorer is to create a multi-purpose sand and rock truck that maintains manors on the road as well, all while not breaking the bank. Baby steps I guess? The first step is getting the four wheel drive working, rather getting rid of the electronic transfer case to replace it with a manual shift BW 1354 and maybe some factory warn manual hubs.

Somewhere (soonish) down the line I'd like to completely re-do the suspension. I'm thinking a full size Dana 44 front end with 16-18" Eibach or Deaver coils and 14-16" FOA remote reservoir shocks. I'll either keep the 8.8" in the rear or look in to a Ford 9" (but probably not). I think Deaver leaf packs in the rear are the way to go. I'm not sure what to do with the rear shocks though.

Hope be here often with updates.

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Welcome! Sounds like you have a heck of a plan. Good luck and hope to see you around here.

Damn thats a clean truck. Looks good and the plans sound even better. Have fun with her.

Thanks for the welcome and the words of encouragement. And doubly thank you for the compliments on my clean truck and ideas. I hope to bring them to fruition sooner than latter.