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Introduction/Build Thread


December 18, 2013
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Valdosta, Ga
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2007 Ford Explorer
Hi everyone my names Case and I'm originally from Lawrenceville, Ga. I currently attend Valdosta State University and am the proud new owner of a 2006 Explorer Limited. Its in great condition inside and out and I've already been putting some personal touches into it. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of when I started it off since as soon as I got home with it I jumped right into working on it. So far Ive just plastidipped the wheels, emblems and grille. Also I've installed my head unit, and while the dash was taken apart I decided to put the wiring from my radar detector behind the dash to help hide it a little and keep the interior as clean as possible. Also I built my box that will be holding my 12" sub. It fits perfectly behind the third. I tested it with an 800w amp and a beat up old SVC kicker comp 12 and it made my back glass wave like water so hopefully my 12" Hifonics DVC with an 1100w amp wont break my glass, but we'll find out I suppose lol.






Thats where I'm at now. My sub, amp and wiring kit should be here on monday so hopefully I'll be able to have an update that night, otherwise itll have to wait until wednesday due to work and school.

Future plans are a modest lift, maybe 2.5-3" with some clean wheels and either 30s or 32s depending on what tickles my fancy. Ill also be throwing in a CB/PA and a 4ft Firestik antenna on the back cause I'm a redneck like that. Anyway thanks for looking and I welcome any feedback positive or negative. Thanks for looking!

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I have the same color ex with alt of of the same mods as you mines lifted with tires not sure if you seen it or not but I painted my headlights an fogs as well as my trim because the gray looks awful

I looked at your build a ton before I got this one. Yours is definitely my favorite one I've looked at. I'm looking to go pretty much the same direction as you with a few little tweaks. I'm planning on going with oem headlights with tinted housings just to flow with the color and not stand out so much since everything's so dark on it now. Let me know f you have any suggestions or criticism for sure!

Hello reef!
Just wanted to say hello, and to tell you that I live in valdosta to. I'll send you message

Couple small updates. I had my sub back there and got tired of it. Decided to take it out so that I could use the storage area. Anyway I just threw on my Firestik in preparation for my CB that's on the way. Also I did a little small interior touch just out of boredom. Next up hopefully I'll go ahead and order my roof rack and then probably in about a month I'll go ahead and get some tires. Then a lift and I'll be pleased for now. Nothing too major though, just going for clean, comfortable and fun on this one.



Decided to go out and get her a little dirty yesterday. I'm impressed with it to be honest, I ended up stuck in some really deep mud but that was after about 3 hours of some pretty hard mudding and technical trail riding. I tore whatever the little plastic skid plate thing that comes down under the front bumper but I threw it in the back so I'll reattach it later somehow. Anyway onto what you care about, some pics





Looks like a fun day - some aggressive ATs or any MT definitely would've helped in that scenario.

I miss the saw palmetto & pine environment, but there is a lot more to explore out west.

I'll just leave this here. My Instagram is [MENTION=244750]reef[/MENTION]ed1 if you want to follow me for better more high quality pictures. Photobucket kills my resolution

Finally put some lights behind my grille. I think they came out alright

More updates coming in the new future. Just made some orders so hopefully I'll have a garage full of goodies here soon

Went out and got a little lost the other day

Finally got my A/Ts put on and decided to throw my spare on the roof for a little extra clearance in the mud. I've got my wheels ordered but of course they're on back order (thanks a lot summit) so whenever they get here I'll be switching the tires onto those. Haven't decided whether or not I'm going to keep the old wheels laying around for a rainy day yet or just sell them. Anyway here's the end result for now. Hopefully my wheels will ship sometime late this week, but I'm thinking it'll be pushed back to atleast a month or so as usual.

Oh also I figured out my overheating issue. My thermostat and housing went bad as well as my waterpump. Shop tried to charge me $1,200 so $250 worth of napa parts and a day off from class and work later and were up and running again