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Inverter installed


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January 17, 2001
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1999 XLT
I finally purchased and installed the inverter in my Explorer.

I chose a 400 v model from Xantrex ( PROwatt 400 ) . I got it at West Marine and paid about $85.99.

The Inverter is hard mounted under the rear driver’s side seat. The 12 v power is provided via a power block that is feed via an 8-gauge wire directly from the battery. Ground is to the metal of the floor.

The 115 v output is run with number 12 wire under the rear compartment carpet and fender cover to a 115 v duplex ( grounded ) outlet mounted on top of the driver’s side fender cover, The outlet is in an electrical box fitted into a cutout in the fender cover,

The installation looks very neat and is definitely a handy addition to my truck.

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any pics of the install

Sounds cool. Do we have any pictures.

Sorry, no pictures.

WATT? No pics?

Get it? :)

I crack myself up.....

Too bad there aren't any pics. I have a 300 Watter that i'd like to permanently mount somewhere....


Originally posted by JamminG4Jim
WATT? No pics?

you have too much time on your hands

Come on Al...I need pix. Words are OK but i cant even picture myself in front of a mirror.

Originally posted by Bill Kemp
Come on Al...I need pix. Words are OK but i cant even picture myself in front of a mirror. [/QUOTE

Gee Bill, thats a scary sight.....]