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iPad dock


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July 1, 2007
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2011 XLT
I'm working on an iPad dock and here is the prototype. I cut a small piece of wood to the exact size of the recess around the media ports. Glued a standard Apple ipad2 dock on top of it. Used a bit of fiberglass repair kit to "mold" the two parts together, then painted it over with black spray paint.
The piece is simply wedged into the recess, but it's very stable. The back of iPad is supported by the dock as well as the open latch. And of course removable in two seconds. No changes to the car had to be made.
This was the first time I used fiberglass and I sucked at it. The thing came out real ugly. I was sanding it for hours until I pretty much took off all dry fiberglass...big mess. So yeah, it's not pretty but it works and let me just say the touch experience on an iPad is very "relaxing" after all the MFT pain.


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Got a pic without the ipad? Aside from the obvious maps, what is your plan? BT music? I suppose you could hardwire for music too...

Of course the ipad screen is easier. The MFT screen does the job for what it was meant for, resistive technology is fine for in dash.

YouTube has some cool videos of iPad dash mounts, check out the fishmans, I think a factory phone mount would have been a great idea in the ex.....


And I think that may be the first Explorer mod on this forum!

I did something similar, but I used velcro and a cd jewel case that slide into the console. Mine is very "hacked".. I'd take a picture however it's currently in the shop:

Sync Update to 2.8
Streaks on Windows
A-Pillar rattles (both)
Squeaky brakes in drive throughs
Squeaky AC Fan on wind-down
Oil Change/Service

:) I gave them the works.