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For Sale iPad Mini Dash Kit for 4th Gens (90% done)

Posting this more as a feeler thread, i'm kind of wanting to change routes with my iPad install.

I have a 4th gen radio bezel, with an iPad Mini (1, 2, 3) spring loaded dash kit installed. The bondo is probably 95% done, just needs some more sanding to get rid of the high spots, mainly on top. The lightning cable is expoxied in place, and bondo'ed over as well. It needs a small bit of work, and then is ready for primer and paint. I might even get it that far so it will be painted a OEM type black color.

The problem is, I have cut this bezel at the bottom (Where equipped Explorer's have heated seat/memory pedal adjustment switches) for a "6 gang" rocker switch holder. (The big rocker style switches with logos or text on them that light up). You can pick these holders up for about $8 on eBay, and the switches range from a couple bucks for a basic one, to $6-$8 for the laser etched ones with text/pics on them. You can also get blanking plates, and even USB ports and such that fit in the switch hole.

I have also cut out the middle of the bezel where the switches for the message center (I don't have) and 4x4 buttons go, which I was relocating. I was putting a standalone EQ in that spot, which again, if you wanted to go that route, which I would suggest, the EQ I picked up was about $35 IIRC. I can link you to it if interested. I also left enough space to put a digital volt meter to the right of the EQ. Those are $3(?) on eBay or Amazon.

I am open to cash offers, OR I will take a straight up trade for your stock bezel (Or one you order from eBay/Junkyards, etc) AND a new iPad Air 2 spring loaded dash kit, which is about $112 on eBay. (The Mini kit is the same price FYI, plus the $29 Lightning cable)

I can include the iPad as well, but thats gonna be extra. It is a white 16GB Mini 2 (Retina display, good processor, etc) for $280 which is just what I paid. Its brand new. It IS jailbroken, meaning you can customize it like crazy, try out paid apps before you buy them (I don't condone this...), and the best part is the "Activator" tweak. You can set it up to perform any action for any event. My plans were/are to have the charger connected to an ignition switched power source, so when I turn my key on/start it, the iPad would automatically unlock, and go right to my Spotify music app, and when I turn the key off and get out, it would lock the iPad and pause anything thats playing.

**Audio wise**
You will either need a DAC (Which is going to run you about $160 for the one I found that uses the Apple USB cable, and outputs to RCAs while also charging the iPad, or you can relocate your aftermarket headunit somewhere else and get audio from the iPad via bluetooth. (FYI- there is a small audio lag with bluetooth which is only a concern with videos, there is a (id say 1 second) maybe 1.5 second delay vs whats happening on the video. This may not bug others, but it bugs me. You can connect the iPad to your aftermarket stereo with the USB cable, and this lag will not happen though.

PM me, or comment below with any questions, offers, etc. I would really prefer to sell it with the iPad, since I will have no use for the iPad Mini 2 with my next build. (Gonna go with the bigger Air 2 model)

Here was the test-fitting (You can see the rectangle cutout at the bottom, which houses my switches. Ill try and find a picture so you can see what it looks like)


Lightning cable




Heres a picture of the switch gang holder, with 4 switches installed. I couldn't find any pictures of it being in the bezel though, sorry.