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iPod connectivity on an '05 XLT w/6 disc in-dash changer?


May 13, 2007
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Euclid, Ohio
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2005 XLT Sport
Hi everyone,

Our 2005 XLT Sport has the 6-disc in-dash CD changer in it. I have a second generation iPod Nano that I'd like to directly hook up to the factory head unit and have it charge through that cable and possibly even be controlled by the stock head unit.

I looked on Crutchfield.com and they state that the iPod connection they sell won't work with the factory CD changer head units or units with the DVD player (which ours doesn't have).

Has anyone got any experience or information on if this is possible to set up? I don't want to use an FM transmitter, and I'd rather not have to buy a whole new aftermarket head unit just for this.

Thanks in advance!:D

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You might want to check out Ford Accessories
Part Number: 6R3Z-19A464-AA
MSRP: $50.00
It doesn't say whether or not you can use it with a 6cd changer. It plugs into the back of the radio.
I got one, but at over $200 to install, I got a Sony unit instead. So it is just sitting here.
Bill W

The dealership wanted $200 just to install that cable?! That's insane. Is there anything more involved with it than removing the head unit from the dash and plugging it in?

I appreciate the info. I will look into it. If it turns out to be something I can use with the 6-disc changer and can do the instal myself, would you want to sell yours since it's just sitting around anyways? Just let me know.

John: Actually the quote was for 2 hours labor at $110 per hour, because they had never done it before (and it's a Ford dealership). If I was willing to chase around, I know that I could have gotten it done cheaper. There is some soldering required to attach one of the wires, and I did not know how to remove the radio bezel without damage (I've since learned). I wanted to upgrade the radio to an aux input anyway, as well as having a separate lead for the Ipod, and I now have a slot underneath the radio for the remote, etc.

As for the unit let me know where to send it, and its yours.
Bill W

I'm curious about that too.

I don't think so. The Trip Tunes is an auxilliary input device that allows any audio component with an audio out jack to play through the radio speakers.
My Trip Tunes did not come with instructions as they were only available through an authorized dealer, hence the dealer charge to install. I went with a Sony radio that had an Ipod adapter accessory as well as a built in aux in jack for the same amount of money.
At one time, Crutchfield had a comparable adapter, but I didn't see it last time I checked. They had a more expensive and limiting one that replaced the cd changer.
Bill W