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iPod freezing my computer when plugged in


March 25, 2003
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I recently got an iPod video (30GB). I had iTunes 6 (I think that was the version) on my laptop and all was working great. Yesterday, iTunes tells me I need to update to iTunes 7. So I downloaded it and installed it. Went to start up iTunes and then plugged in my iPod. Instead of iTunes showing my iPod being plugged in, it just froze iTunes. My iPod says the whole "do not disconnect" thing on its screen. My computer unfreezes if I unplug the iPod. What is going on here? I can't access my iPod in any way from my laptop as it just freezing anything that tries to access it.

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try to use the software utility for the ipod and do a factory restore on the ipod and try that with itunes 7.

How do i go about doing that? What software are you referring to?

For my older ipod if you go to
start ---all programs--ipod---ipod updater (some date here)----ipod updater (date here again)
Once that program opens you should have the option to update your ipod or restore it to factory condition.

If it happened after installing a new version of itunes, I would un-install it off & put version 6 back on.

if your running windows xp, try hitting ctrl alt delete, then go to the processes tab and right click on ipod services, then end process. Then close and reopen itunes, thats what I have to do to get my ipod to sync with the new version of itunes. Version 7 is all kinds of screwed up, lots of people are having problems with it, so hopefully they will update it soon.

Feel releived now. I unplugged the USB cable from my computer and plugged it back in. Works fine now, must of just been a bad connection.