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iPod mount in 2000 Limited

Tom Brown

November 30, 2007
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Regina, SK
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2000 Limited
I have ordered the Blitzsafe iPod to CD stacker input adapter for my X but can't find any pictures of iPod mounts. I've searched both this site and the12volt and come up with nothing.

I can handle things electrically but could use some help with a nice looking iPod mount that isn't too invasive and looks classy.

Any ideas?

Do most people leave their iPods loose? I've thought about doing that.

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I bought something pretty cheap from best buy for my ipod, not sure if it was the same thing you ordered, but i ended up returning it the next day. Besides not being of high quality materials and construction, i just couldn't find a convenient position for it. It was much easier just to pick up the ipod from the cup holder to use it.

You could always make your own mount like this guy did...


just happens to be in an explorer too...

Whoa that looks sweet. Except that it's right smack in the middle of the console.

At my shop we use panavise for everything sirius, xm, etc. they might have something for you try the search or look through the products. ALl fo these mount behind the trim (like the Pro Fit ones). Just giving you another place to check out.


How about a Pro Fit mount like used for a phone cradle? It would put it just to the right of the radio.


I did just that back in the day:


My mount looks pretty hideous in hindsight (the cradle, that is). But, depending on your iPod, there are some great looking options to attach to the Pro-Fit plate:

iPhone: http://www.expressmounts.com/ramholap3
Nano: http://www.expressmounts.com/ramholap2
Others: http://www.expressmounts.com/mp3-player-mount/apple

You may have to drill the Pro-Fit plate to attach the RAM cradle (I don't know if they use industry standard mounting patterns).

Good luck!

Velcro. Cost $1.49 and installed in under 3 minutes. Works great, looks nice, very easy to reach the controls and super easy to remove if I need to load up new tunes. This is not an ipod, but similar size to the Nano I think.


The velcro is automotive specific and it's not supposed to harm the dash if you need to get rid of it when you sell the truck.

Would the velcro be strong enough to hold up to bouncing around offroad? I never even thought of using velcro, but yours looks good.

Mounty, it's rock solid. The velcro covers the entire back of the unit and she ain't goin' nowheres. Only issue I've had is leaving the truck in 100 degree bright sun the glue melts a little and starts to slip, so now I just pull it off and throw it in the cup holder if I'm parking in the hot sun for a while. :thumbsup:

i just have my wire come out of the kleenex hole and stick the ipod in there when in use