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Ipod + Panasonic = ?


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August 11, 2004
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Pasadena, MD / Annapolis , MD
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'01 Explorer Sport Trac
I have a Panasonic head unit with a rear aux input and I wanna hook up my 40g ipod to the head unit but I don't wanna buy one of those $200 adapter things can I hook it up through this? or do I need something else? I have the headphone jack to headphone jack cable and I also have a headphone jack to white/red RCA cable also which would be better to use? Just trying to use stuff laying around the house to do it and not spend any money on it. Thanks I did a search for ipod panasonic but came up with nothing.

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Im pretty sure you just want to use the headphone to RCA wire with the Aux RCA connectors on the HU. I dont think you can control the Ipod thru the HU, but it should play no problem.


Awesome thanks man.

Excellent! I was just going to post a question about this! What model number do you have ions? I have the 8100U. :) Let us know how it goes when you get it hooked up. I of course still have to BUY my ipod, lol, guess I'll get the nano at some point. :)


i have the "my antenna broke when i was washing it because my old garage door was really low and it used to hit it every time i backed in mod" so my rf modulator works awesome.
edit: i have a pioneer 7600

I have a Panasonic CQ-C7301U I'm gonna take it out and try this before I drill holes in my interior to hide the wire pobably gonna try it Friday or Saturday since I have to work 1pm to 11 tonight and I'm also gonna try to build a base to hold the ipod.


are you going to use an rf modulator? There are two kinds, Monster makes one that charges the ipod while tranferring the signal over radio waves using the cig lighter for power.... wish i had that one, my monster rf uses the cig. lighter to power the rf modulator but just plugs into the headphone jack for signal. The one that charges plugs into the slot in the bottom of the ipod for power and signal....sweeeeet. There are also rf modulators that plug directly into your antenna wire between the antenna and the stereo. those have rca plugs for input which you would convert to the mini jack to plug into the ipod. The kind that plugs into the cig. lighter is great for portability. for instance, i take mine w/me when riding in friends cars and whatnot since the majority of my pals are living in the cd age. dont' get me wrong cd's are great..... for keeping moisture off of my desk. :thumbsup:


thats what I have to work with just gonna find where I wanna mount it....might just stick it in my dash I also have a remote control for the ipod also.


Well did this today in under 5mins very easy and it sounds great here are some simple pictures of how it looks I just wanted to plug it in to see if it worked before I started making a mount and such.







Pretty much just shoved everything under the center console and you can not control the ipod through this type of set up (not really worried I have an ipod remote) you will need an adapter for that but for free I'm not complaing

i did this with my music match jukebox as well, the aux input works great