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Iron Man Grille?

Does anyone know of a current source for this black grille? I had one on back order through Summit Racing for several months but they finally informed me that the manufacturer (Sherman) had discontinued the part...

The other obvious alternative would be to paint the original chrome grille black (or body color). However, mine is so badly wrinkled that I will need to remove the chrome plating before I can paint it.

What is the best method for removing chrome from plastic parts?


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November 25, 2016
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1995 Ford Explorer EB 4x4
on My old Grill, the chrome was starting to peel in some locations. I don’t know how well that would work though removing it off the whole grille, also, the chrome is sharp, learned the hard way.. otherwise I really can’t thknk of any other way to properly remove chrome plating. Hope you can figure this out.
To add to this, I bought a grille off the web that came comepletly plastic and painted that black, it was like $25 or so shipped I think, just a thought


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December 15, 2001
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Yeah, I ended up buying one of those gloss black honeycomb pattern grilles on Ebay. It's more like a standard Explorer grille so it does not have the side "snorkles" like the original Sport Trac grille. I also got a cheap billet style insert to cover up the "Bentley" look nonsense. LOL.